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U.S. Forest Service(PHOENIX, Arizona) — A beloved 1-ton boulder in one of Arizona’s national forests has “magically” returned after visitors reported it missing last month. Wizard Rock, a black boulder with white quartz running through it, was reported missing from the Prescott National Forest by several residents last month, accordingRead More →

Nigel Kirby Photography(SANTA ANITA, Calif.) — Heading into its 2019 finale, California’s famed Santa Anita racetrack had endured a harrowing season in which 36 race horses had been ridden to their deaths since last Dec. 26. With massive safety precautions in place, officials were optimistic that the season would endRead More →

iStock/Andrei Stanescu(NEW YORK) — The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has launched an investigation into the possibility that battery defects in Tesla vehicles may have caused the cars to burst into flames. The investigation will involve certain battery management system software updates in Model S and Model X vehicles madeRead More →

Annapurna Pictures(NEW YORK) — Delta said it will replace in-flight versions of “Booksmart” and “Rocketman” with ones that include the LGBT love scenes, following outrage over the edited-out scenes. The company said it was provided copies of the movies that had already been edited and didn’t realize the “content wellRead More →

CPSC(NEW YORK) — Federal authorities are urging parents and caretakers not to use inclined sleep products for infants, citing dozens of deaths and evidence leading them to conclude that certain sleepers “do not provide a safe sleep environment.” The Consumer Product Safety Commission pointed to 73 infant deaths from JanuaryRead More →