Doña Ana County Codes Enforcement officers had some helping hands over the weekend in an effort to clean up a messy, popular roadside in Santa Teresa.

            Early Saturday morning, eight volunteers with The Girls Club helped pick up litter along Airport Road near Santa Teresa High School. In all, 55 bags of trash weighing approximately 500 pounds were removed.

            As a thank-you, volunteers received a copy of Carlos the Coyote’s “Mystery in the Desert”, a comic book written by Animal Control and Codes supervisor Mary Lou Ward.

            The weekend clean up initiative is one of several projects coming up in Doña Ana County. Later this week, codes officers will be conducting a follow-up in Chaparral as part of their ongoing Animal Control Environmental Survey (ACES) project. Chaparral is also the focus of an intensive clean-up effort that will focus on graffiti removal, mobile homes moved without installation permits, animal codes violations and trash accumulation.

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