A grand jury has indicted a local pool and landscape contractor on charges that he embezzled money and failed to pay taxes on money he collected.

Earlier this year, approximately 30 people took their complaints to the Third Judicial District Attorney’s office, alleging Kolmar Development was contracted to do work that was either never performed or partially completed.  Some incidents date back as far as 2016.

District Attorney Mark D’Antonio referred the matter to the Doña Ana County Sheriff’s Office for further investigation. During the course of that investigation, detectives learned that Daniel Flores, who was working under the name Kolmar Development, took money from multiple victims for services and products and reportedly never ordered the products he promised. Additionally, Flores is accused of withdrawing money as cash for his own use and wrote checks for large sums of money that he knowingly did not have enough money to cover.

Last week, a grand jury returned a true bill against Flores, charging him with three counts of embezzlement over $2,500 and six counts of fraud by worthless check. In a separate proceeding, Flores was indicted on 17 counts of tax evasion. According to court documents, the charges accuse Flores of failure to pay taxes on more than $2 million in taxable income.

Flores was not arrested following the indictments and remains free on bond.

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